Year: 2021

Camp@Home November News

Dear Campers and Families, If you live in the northeastern United States, November brings to mind early evenings, leaves skittering along the sidewalks, the weather getting cooler, and the smell of something delicious coming from the kitchen. This is the time of year when the last treasures from the garden must come in. At Chewonki …

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Ginny the Oppossum

Camp@Home October News

Hello from Chewonki Neck. We are excited to present the first issue of our Camp Chewonki@Home Newsletter for the 2021-2022 season. Each month we will bring you updates from the Neck, including Salt Marsh Farm and the Wildlife Center, as well as important information to help you get ready for camp. We will also provide …

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Translated text

Lost in Translation?

Hola, прывітанне, नमस्ते, bonjour, 你好, Merhaba, שלום, and hello Chewonki!

You might not know this, be we have been lucky to welcome participants from more than 21 different countries over the past five years, and in an effort to make our program information more accessible (and fun), we recently enabled language translation services offered by Google Translate on all of our webpages. You can try out this new service by selecting the language of your choice from the drop-down menu at the top right of each page.

But what does it say?

All For Run, and Run for All

We’ve never been known for our athletic teams…until now. Since its founding six years ago, the Chewonki Elementary and Middle School running club have flashed our green and white Osprey logo across the midcoast. And, while we’re small in size (just 41 students in grades 1-8), we’ve got tremendous heart and camaraderie.

He’s Built 91 Kayaks at Chewonki and Counting

“Kids these days,” says boatbuilding instructor Bill Thomas, referring to the oft-used lament about youth. “Adults wouldn’t say that if they got to work with the kids I do with each summer. They would be hopeful. These kids are remarkable.” photo by Bill Thomas The Chewonki boat shop is a large, unassuming structure, usually speckled …

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