Catch the Match is Back!


We Caught Our Biggest Match Yet!

What’s Catch the Match?

A group of passionate alumni once again came together to inspire others to show some Chewonki love. Two years ago, they challenged 100 people to donate and 158 responded. Last year, they challenged 200 people to donate and 249 responded.

This year’s challenge? If 250 people make gifts of $25, $100, $200, or more by June 30, the group will donate $135,000!

And, boy, did you answer. In fact, you responded so resoundingly that we’d surpassed the original goal and received 270 gifts! THANK YOU

Your fun, inspiring, heartfelt messages also made our hearts melt. We’ve posted them all below–please take a moment to soak up some Chewonki love.

The Catch:

Collect 250 donations
before June 30.

The Match:

$135,000 contributed to the
Chewonki Annual Fund! 

Matches Needed: 250

Matches Received:

(Thank you!)

Your Love Notes and Shoutouts:

“For MCS 57, summers on the Allagash, and everything Chewonki does, thank you! Paddle and Dip!”

“Maine Coast Semester was such a valuable and memorable experience for me. I hope others can enjoy and connect with nature as much as I did.”


“In Honor of our Granddaughter, Zoe M. We are very proud of Zoe and all she has learned at Chewonki. This year, she is a counselor with 10-12 year-olds.”

“Maine Coast Semester makes such a transformational difference in so many young lives !!! Keep up the good work!”

“Semester 70, you are my family. I love you forever. Here’s to manders and farm chores and van rides and everything in between.”

Thank you for hosting my class 20 years ago, for providing my children with the same opportunity, and for the great times we’ve shared as a family at Big Eddy!

In honor of Don Hudson’s birthday! Thank you, Don, for the many lessons in ecology and for instilling a deep love of birds in so many campers and students. You’ve made such a difference in so many’s lives. Happy Day!”

“In Honor of Chewonki’s Owls: Archie, Sparkie, Luna, Varia, Ozzy, Woden, Boo, and Haven.”

“More love for Semester 69 <3 I miss you all dearly and can’t wait for Homecoming Weekend! Thank you to all the MCS teachers & community for such an incredible semester.”

“Semester 70 has my daughter’s heart! We are grateful for an incredible semester in which she grew as a learner and made transformative relationships. What a special place!”

“Thank you to all Maine Coast Semester Faculty and Staff who inspired (and continue to inspire) our daughter. MCS is incredible! Special shout-out and cheers to Semester 69!”

“To the most incredible, inspirational teachers of MCS.”

“Grateful for my time at Maine Coast Semester and hopeful it will be as meaningful for others. I was a sad teen and learned to laugh again there.”

“Thank you for a wonderful Maine Coast Semester!”

“In Honor of Cullen McGough, Have a Great Summer!”

“In Honor of Carol James and Her Big Heart!”

“In Honor of Nancy and Peg”

“In Honor of Scott Andrews”

“In honor of all the staff who work so hard behind the scenes to make the “magic” happen.”

“In honor of Tara Krantz, Teaching Fellow”

“Grateful for my time at Maine Coast Semester and hopeful it will be as meaningful for others. I was a sad teen and learned to laugh again there.”

“Best wishes! Jesse”

“MCS X!”

“Chewonki 17!!”

“Honoring Semester 62!”

“Let’s go Chewonki!”

“My boys love camp, and we’re happy to help with a contribution.”

“So glad the summer sessions are starting again.”

“Happy to support Catch the Match!”

“Love Chewonki!”

“In Honor of the MacNeish Family and Decades of Chewonki Programs”

“In Honor of Time Ellis”

“In Honor of Cate Merriam, Semester 70”

“In Honor of Seaver and Anne Leslie”

“In Honor of Maine Coast Semester 70”

“In Honor of Tori Baker-White (Zapack)

“In Honor of Wendy Lovinger

“In Honor of Ingrid Albee

“In Honor of Clarence Allen

“In Honor of Richard Saltzman

“In Honor of Laurel Jones

“In Honor of Alexandra Charles, Semester 16

“In Honor of Matt Rodman

“In Honor of Barbara & Murray Dobro

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