Participant Behavior Agreement

(Last updated 2/16/23)

Participant Behavior Agreement

We strive to be a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization. Trust, compassion, honesty, and integrity are essential to establishing a welcoming community that is respectful and safe for participants and staff, and while differences are welcome and celebrated, certain behaviors that relate to the health, welfare, and safety of participants and staff are not negotiable. It is important to note that Chewonki is not a therapeutic program and our staff are not trained as therapists.

Our goal is for every participant to successfully and safely complete their program at Chewonki. If negative behavioral issues arise, we will do our utmost to keep the family informed and work with the individual to improve their behavior. Next steps may include a personal improvement plan, a temporary return home, disciplinary action, and/or dismissal.

We ask that each individual joining a Chewonki program read and agree with the behavior agreement listed below. If you have questions or concerns about our expectations, please reach out to the program director.

  1. I will follow all safety instructions by Chewonki staff;
  2. I will strive to protect the health and safety of humans, animals, and the natural environment;
  3. I will communicate any distress, injury, sickness, and/or inability to perform necessary activities;
  4. I will conduct myself in such a way that respects the rights and privacy of others;
  5. I will not engage in aggressive or threatening behavior directed at others including hate speech, bullying, or harassment;
  6. I will not use alcohol, tobacco, vaping products, or controlled substances;
  7. I will not bring or use firearms;
  8. I will not misuse prescription medications and agree to only bring/consume physician-authorized medications, which, by Maine law, may only be distributed by members of the Chewonki staff;
  9. I will not use foul language or inappropriate humor;
  10. I will not engage in aggressive physical contact with Chewonki staff and other participants;
  11. I will not break curfew or make unauthorized visits to other spaces;
  12. I will unplug from personal electronic communication devices and social media for some or all of the experience, as directed by Chewonki staff;
  13. I will perform routine self-care, including having appropriate clothing, maintaining personal and group gear, staying hydrated and nourished, performing proper personal hygiene, and managing any personal medical conditions (in partnership with our health team);
  14. I will immediately seek help from Chewonki staff if I experience suicidal ideation or the desire to engage in self-harm;
  15. I will do my best to bring a positive attitude and personal integrity to the experience;
  16. I will not engage in disruptive behavior that compromises the safety and enjoyment of the program for others, especially on field trips and in backcountry environments.
  17. I will not engage in exclusive relationships including, but not limited to, sexual activity with other participants.
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