Farm & Food Systems

A Welcome From Our Farm and Kitchen Managers

Food is central to the Chewonki experience: we share meals around campfires and round tables, and we grow and harvest some of our food, fiber, and firewood on Chewonki’s farm.

We do this work with intention, seeking to maximize the production potential of our small farm while integrating young people meaningfully into every aspect of production and preparation.

We work alongside each other with integrity, sincerely engaging and sitting with the difficult questions that accompany our food choices.  And we seek to minimize the negative impact of our food choices while multiplying the positive impact of food as the very sustenance of life and as a foundation of community.

To this end, the Chewonki food system seeks to uphold the three pillars of the Chewonki mission: inspiring transformative personal growth, teaching appreciation and stewardship of the natural world, and cultivating a thriving, sustainable community.

In these pages, please tend closely to the stories that testify to the power of focused, collective effort and the connection between the head, heart, and hands: these themes hem in and define what we seek to do here.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about what we do. The work of growing and preparing food is messy and imperfect; our hands our calloused and our bodies exhausted some days.  It is also – at its core – self-sustaining, fulfilling in the truest sense of the word.

Enjoy, and please be in touch!

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