Grow Yourself

Grow Yourself

How our food system inspires and nourishes personal growth

We live in a world that so often devalues the work of the hands.  And yet they are such capable appendages!  In his book, It’s a Long Road to a Tomato, Keith Stewart writes:

“These days, physical work is often devalued and disdained, better left for someone else to do.  Small-scale organic agriculture values physical work and the lean, efficient use of the body.  It draws upon the whole person.  For this reason it is enlivening.

In our modern, high-tech world we are so invested in the brain and its cleverness that we often forget we are also physical beings and that our bodies appreciate some healthy, productive outdoor use.  There is a sort of primal satisfaction that comes from a day of work in the fields.  We become more in tune with our bodies needs – the need, for example, for a good, protein-rich breakfast, or a substantial and carefully prepared evening meal, or a midday nap.  And at night we enjoy our rest and feel we have earned it.”

Each person at Chewonki is touched and changed by our food system, whether that be a certain contentment after a delicious meal, a gratifying work session on the farm, or an opportunity to connect with seedling or sheep.  These experiences are best spoken to in the words of our staff and participants.

Please read some the following reflections about the impact of our work:

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