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Willard Morgan, President

In 1915, our founder, Clarence Allen, realized the need for boys to have a rural outdoor experience amidst the creep of urbanization and mechanization. One hundred years later boys and girls need outdoor living and adventure even more urgently. What was instinct then is supported by research today, which shows that outdoor play in small communities spurs healthy development, and that appreciation and understanding of the natural world promotes lifelong environmental stewardship.

Today we work year-round to bring children to nature and nature to children. Through our summer programs, school programs, and semester school we foster self-reliance through experiences that emphasize the power of focused, collective effort. Our participants come from Maine and New England, but also from across the United States and abroad. Recognizing that a peaceful and healthy future will depend upon all segments of society, we have long-standing commitments to diversity, financial aid, and community outreach.

Because the magic of a Chewonki experience depends upon the people and place, we nurture exceptional teachers and leaders who create transformational experiences for our participants. We also carefully steward our lands throughout Maine to provide sites for all programs. Furthermore, Chewonki has become a recognized leader for our sustainability initiatives, including on-campus experiential education about renewable energy, farming, food systems, waste management, and community living.

A Chewonki experience is even more relevant today than it was in 1915. We hope you will join our community as a participant, family member, supporter, or friend.

Best Regards,

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Willard Morgan