Ten Reasons to Work at Chewonki This Summer!

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We’re excited about what’s in store for Summer ’24 at Camp Chewonki, and we need your help!

We rely on you, our alumni and friends to help refer fantastic staff who want to experience the magic of a Chewonki summer. Here’s 10 reasons you should recommend Chewonki as a summer job:

#1 Reconnect with Nature!

It goes without saying, but working at Chewonki is all about being outside and enjoying the natural world! Birds? Trees? Frogs?! Plants? Animals? Rocks? Maybe you’re ready to be an camp activity counselor. Unplug for the summer and recharge your spirit with time outside in beautiful Maine. 

#2 Meaningful Work

Working with children is an incredibly powerful experience. At Chewonki, you’ll make a real difference by helping to educate, mentor, and support the next generation of amazing humans. Ask any adult who went to summer camp and they’ll tell you endless stories about the amazing cabin counselors and staff who changed their lives!

#3 Community & Friendships

At Chewonki, you’ll be part of a close-knit community that values collaboration, kindness, respect, diversity, and inclusivity, creating lifelong friendships and connections. You might be perfect as an age group coordinator. 

#4 Personal and Professional Development

Summer jobs can be a big boost to your personal and professional growth. In a study done analyzing 5,000+ job postings online, research found that the top skills employers are looking for perfectly match skills gained as a camp counselor: programming, planning, emergency preparedness, education, specialty training, inclusion and cultural competence, self awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making. Maybe you’re ready to be our logistics assistant or operations coordinator!

#5 Health and Wellness

Screen-free time in nature, active work and play outdoors, healthy meals, and a caring community all have enormous physical and mental health benefits. Camp is the perfect place to invigorate your commitment to healthy living. And if you have the background, you might want to join our health & wellness team.

#6 Work-Life Balance

Because summer camp is all about friendships, community, and individual growth, we work hard to make sure everyone is getting the right balance of work, play, and rest. If you have the magic touch for keeping a community in balance, you might want to become the campus head.

#7 Become a Leader

Whatever role you play, as a counselor, a trip leader, or support staff, you will take on responsibilities and challenges that will push you out of your comfort zone and into the leadership zone. Do you think you can lead a group of eight campers on a two-week hiking trip and summit Katahdin as a Trip Leader.

#8 Meet New People!

With over 100 summer staff at Chewonki, you’ll meet interesting campers and counselors from all over the country and around the world! Camp is a great place to grow your network and share your interests with new friends. You could be the hub that keeps our team connected as camp activity coordinator.

#9 Embrace Sustainability

Our 400-acre campus in Wiscasset is on a saltwater peninsula, surrounded by pristine forests, oceans and wetlands. We take our role as environmental stewards seriously, and you will join our team in a commitment to sustainability and protecting our amazing natural heritage. The unsung heroes in this work are always our farm, food, and facilities team!

#10 Unique Experiences

Endless adventure awaits at Camp Chewonki! Stories around the campfire, skits and games with the community, multi-week backcountry expeditions over the waves and through the trails of Maine and Canada… join us for the best summer of your life!

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