Traveling Natural History Program

StarLab: Discover the Night Sky

Description: Perhaps the most common experience shared by all humans is staring up at the night sky and wondering...


Description: Many of the engineering challenges facing humans today are similar to difficulties that exist in the natural world....

Vernal Pools

Description: Let’s dive deep into these shallow waters to take a closer look at the seasonal nature of a...

Tide Pools

Description: The tide pool is home to a variety of species whose unique adaptations allow them to maintain stability...


Description: Vertebrates — including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals—are some of the most advanced creatures on the planet....

Scales & Tails

Description: Using live, non-releasable reptiles, this program will compare these species and discuss their adaptations. Many people conjure up...


Description: Predators: The Balance of Nature What are some commonly-held myths about predators, and what problems do they face?...

Owls of Maine

Description: Owls of Maine: Habits and Adaptations of Maine’s Native Owls Two live owls are the highlights of this program,...

Mammals of Maine

Description: This exciting and interactive program introduces students to our native warm-blooded vertebrates: Maine mammals. Each participant studies a...

Fur, Feathers & Feet

Description: Discover the differences and similarities between birds and mammals as we encourage active learning by dressing two students...

Fins and Flippers

Description: This presentation begins with examining the four major groups of marine mammals, their special adaptations for keeping warm,...

The Bugmobile

Description: Is a bug an insect? Is a spider a bug? Chewonki’s “Bugmobile” transports the world of arthropods—insects and...

Bats of the World

Description: Bats comprise nearly one-quarter of the world’s approximately 4,000 mammal species, yet humans continue to fear and misunderstand...


Description: Beautiful Biomes From forests to deserts, and grasslands to the oceans, we will explore different biomes of our...
Animal Adaptations

Animal Adaptations

Description: Webbed feet, camouflaged fur, or spines on their back are all amazing ways that animals use adaptations to...

Learning Comes Alive with a Chewonki Natural History Presentation

We provide live, interactive experiences for your students, patrons, or private group as we explore intriguing animals and natural phenomena. Our team of science educators will join your group with one of 17 different captivating presentations full of live animals, rare specimens, and engaging activities that will spark curiosity and wonder in participants of all ages.

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Since 1985, Chewonki has been home to a collection of ambassadors. Birds, reptiles, mammals, and amphibians arrive at our campus with injuries or conditions that prevent their return to the wild. Our teachers are extensively trained and take deep pleasure in making connections with students, and in passing on a lifelong appreciation for the value of wildlife and nature.

"The students loved the presentation. You could hear a pin drop."
An Educator
from Greene, Maine

Our programs will help you enhance the environmental literacy of your children, students, or community members. They will spark interest and appreciation for sciences, wildlife, and conservation.

"Our presenter had a great ability to captivate an audience and keep their interest... live animals are a big hit and I look forward to your program every year."
An Educator
From Cornville, Maine

With support from business partners, we’re working to keep our Traveling Natural History Programs accessible and affordable for schools and companies like yours. Let us know how we can provide these high-quality programs for your school, library, organization, business, or seasonal program.

"Conceptually excellent and beautifully presented... wonderful user-friendly props."
A Participant
From Newburyport, Massachusetts

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