StarLab: Discover the Night Sky


Perhaps the most common experience shared by all humans is staring up at the night sky and wondering about the universe.

A 50-light-year-wide view of the central region of the Carina Nebula

Celestial wonders have captivated our imaginations throughout history, generating stories, myths, and legends passed down through each generation, and today provide a spark for exploration, innovation and the pursuit of scientific discovery.

StarLab is the perfect way to introduce your students or youth group to the joys of astronomy

Using StarLab, our portable, inflatable, planetarium, Chewonki will introduce your group to the features of the night sky, explain how stars are formed, and discuss our fascinating human history with the constellations above– from early mythological characters to modern navigation.

Suggested Age Range: Kindergarten to Adult

StarLab Program Options:

We are pleased to offer two different programs for the Chewonki StarLab:

StarLab Astronomy

This 1-hour guided program is perfect for school groups and audiences seeking in-depth education about astronomy and celestial bodies. Our science educators will introduce features of the night sky, teach the audience how to identify notable planets, stars, and constellations, and conclude with some of our favorite stories inspired by the stars.

Program Length: 1 Hour
Capacity: 25 participants.

StarLab Discovery

Participants are welcome to come and go as they please, for as little as 5 minutes or as long as an hour. Our science educators will provide multiple short astronomy tours, discuss some of our favorite stars and constellations, answer questions from the audience, and share stories inspired by the night sky. This free-form presentation is ideal for libraries or public spaces that wish to welcome large groups for short periods of time.

Program Length: 1 Hour
Capacity: Open House Format

StarLab Program Requirements:

Minimum Room Size – 25 ft x 25 ft wide and 12 ft high
Access to electricity is required
Must be indoors

To book this program for your school, library or event, please contact us.

Program Details:

Group Size: 5 – 25+    
Duration: 1 hour
Ages: Kindergarten to Adult

Teacher Resources:

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