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Camp Chewonki

Natural History Mystery Delivery

*By Doc Fred Chichocki, Camp Chewonki Naturalist​* On an otherwise average day this past August, I was working in the Nature Museum when I received an unexpected package. I thought it amazing the odd-shaped parcel reached me, considering it was simply addressed to DOC fred, Camp Chewonki, Maine.

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Camp Chewonki for Boys

The Campfire that Captured my Heart

Katie Goodman, M.Ed., Camp Chewonki Director, writes, “first, I’ll state the obvious. I’m a camp person. I loved my childhood sleepaway camp so much that I decided to make camp my career. Now, I’ll tell you a secret. Camp people like me don’t always find a workplace that captures their heart as their childhood camp did. We care about our camps and the people involved. We love our careers. But it’s exceedingly rare to find that special feeling of “I’m home” a second time.”

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Alumni & Friends

Story of a Spark 💥

We’re sharing “Spark Stories” this month — short anecdotes about important Chewonki mentors and the lessons they imparted — and we couldn’t be more pleased to share these inspiring memories of Endicott “Cotty” Saltonstall (Camp ’52, Camp Staff ’57-’60, ’62-’66, and ’71) from Peter Slovenski. (Camp ’64-’68).

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