Lost in Translation?

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Lost in Translation?

Hola, прывітанне, नमस्ते, bonjour, 你好, Merhaba, שלום, and hello Chewonki! 

You might not know this, be we have been lucky to welcome participants from more than 21 different countries over the past five years, and in an effort to make our program information more accessible (and fun), we recently enabled language translation services offered by Google Translate on all of our webpages. You can try out this new service by selecting the language of your choice from the drop-down menu at the top right of each page.

But what does it say?

Machine-based language translation is great… until it’s not. Slang, idiom, and technical jargon is famous for getting “lost in the translation” when computers try to translate things literally.  If you have ever watched a subtitled movie, or purchased an international product, you may have experienced this first-hand. (First hand? из первых рук? Première main? 第一手資料? What the heck does that mean?)

We would really appreciate any feedback or translation errors (funny, foolish, or offensive) you spot while using this service. Please let us know:

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