Thanks for making these stellar experiences possible!

The Maine Coast Semester changed my life for the better! I think of you all whenever I know the source of a birdsong or the name of a plant. I’m so grateful that you’re out there doing this important work. 

Chewonki changes lives and I am so lucky to be a part of this tremendous organization!

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My time at MCS XXIII remains among the most influential experiences of my life. The values and beliefs I cultivated during my semester on the Neck continue to guide me even today, nearly 25 years later. 

In 1976, at age 13, I hiked from Mt Katahdin to Mt Washington with 5 girls from Alford Lake Camp, 4 boys from Camp Chewonki and 2 counselors. We spent 52 days together learning, growing, strengthening our hearts, minds and bodies with great respect for nature and each other. This adventure changed my life in so many beneficial ways. I will always be grateful for the experience.

Chewonki continues to live on in my child through his passion for building community, encountering and stewarding the natural world, and leadership. We are forever grateful.

Thank you for cultivating this community of alumni and friends. We will always look back ar our child's Chewonki time as very positive!

Our son had the most amazing and impactful experience. For me, that means everything. He benefited from your scholarship program during a difficult time and we'd like to continue to give back to help with others in similar situations.

Chewonki (MCS for both kids and camp for son) was life changing in a positive way. If you were once warmed by a fire you built yourself you know you can do it again and that is a lesson that serves you lifelong.

Chewonki is doing work in a space that will save the world because you are serving children and encouraging stewardship of communities and the lands we depend on. I know it is hard work. I know it is tiring. I hope that it is fulfilling and you all know how grateful I am for all you do as a Foundation both in and beyond Maine.

I have worked in environmental and experiential education for 25 years. Trends come and go, and certainly the educational world has become even more intentional and thoughtful over time, but my recollection of my MCS(6) classes, activities, relationships with teachers and students, and personal development would all still stand up today over 30 years later. 

Thank you for all of the valuable lessons I learned from Mark and Ingrid working as the farm intern waaaayyy back. Also thank you for the life long friendships I made there (including my husband!!)

Often when I have a new experience in the natural world I’ll think back on my time at chewonki, where my love for adventure and wilderness all started. This past winter in Hawai’i I hiked a volcano crater for the first time!

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