Year: 2021

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You Are Amazing!

With two days to go, we reached our matching gift challenge! You are part of an amazing community of supporters. With two days left to go, I am proud to announce we have reached our matching gift challenge goal of raising $360,000, which will now become an astounding $720,000 that supports the Chewonki programs you know and love. Thank you …

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Celeriac Root

Celeriac Root

Here at Chewonki we have many bags of celeriac stored in our root cellar. Celeriac is a cousin of celery but the root is the edible part. Stalks would make a great addition to a vegetable stock, but usually when you see a celeriac in the market the stalks are removed. Celeriac is round and about the size of a rutabaga.

The Cross-Disciplinary Future of Land Stewardship?

For the past three years, alumna Sarah Klain has been collaborating with the Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Nation to create a land stewardship plan for Boa Ogoi, a 585-acre parcel in southeastern Idaho where the US Army Cavalry and settlers massacred over 400 tribe members in 1863. But, how does one begin to “restore” land in a climate-changed future?

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