Year: 2022

Feeding Mind, Body, and Soul; One Year on Chewonki’s Kitchen Team

When I was offered a position at Chewonki as a seasonal cook last summer, I hesitated to accept. I’d just moved to Maine and didn’t know anyone else on staff (except my mother-in-law and 19-year veteran of the Chewonki facilities team, Carol James, who’d convinced me to apply). When I finally did accept, I didn’t have high expectations. I thought it was going to be just like any other job. I’d clock in, clock out, and count the days until the weekend. So, I was surprised when, on my first day, I was welcomed by the kitchen team with open arms and big smiles. I felt like I was walking into a family reunion

Gordy Hall Kept the Fire Alight

For nearly 70 years, Chewonki has been fortunate to count Gordy Hall as a camp counselor, trip leader, trustee, and dear friend. Gordy left us all the great gift of being memorable, and many of us have our own “Gordy stories” to share, and we hope to hear yours. He was a remarkable person, “one of a kind,” and left an indelible mark on Chewonki. As Gordy frequently said, “Gratitude is a powerful motivator.” We are grateful for all Gordy did for Chewonki through more than seventy years of connection and caring.

Gordy’s Allagash Sass

I had the privilege of being invited by Gordy to join him, his wife, Taffy, and several of their friends along with Peg-WT, Greg Shute, Kate Z, for a late summer trip on the Allagash River. Although I responded with an immediate and enthusiastic, “yes!” I was, admittedly, a bit nervous to go. Before this trip, I never traveled the Allagash, and, frankly, had very limited paddling experience. Although I heard stories of the beauty of the landscape I kept thinking about other comments shared with me of the hardships of encountering a strong headwind. But Gordy, with his years and years of familiarity with the trip, and his characteristic enthusiasm, assured me that all would be well.

With Every Dip of My Paddle

Fly fishing for landlocked salmon at Chewonki’s Big Eddy Campground on the West Branch of the Penobscot River. Fly fishing for brook trout on a remote pond near Big Pleasant Lake in the Allagash Region. Paddling the St. John River when a late spring storm dropped a foot of snow on our group. Canoeing the St. Croix and the Allagash. These are just a few memories I’ve made with Gordon “Gordy” Hall, III, an avid outdoorsman, Chewonki’s longest-serving trustee, and my dear friend. I will deeply miss Gordy, who died on October 9, 2022, at age 92.

For Her Love of Lemurs

Traveling back and forth to a remote research outpost on another continent, climbing tall trees to send texts and emails, recording and observing countless hours of behavioral data, and collecting hundreds of poop samples for genetic analysis – these are just a few of the ways Maine Coast Semester at Chewonki science faculty, Chloe Chen-Kraus, has pursued her love of lemurs.

Re-enrollment Reminder

Hello Camp Families, This is the final reminder to get your Summer 2023 applications submitted ahead of the crowd. On Friday, September 16 we will begin accepting applications from new campers and siblings. I hope to hear from you soon. Leslie Associate Director of Admissions

What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

Faculty are back! Chewonki summers are our busiest season; our staff nearly doubles, and we host hundreds of kids and teens for camp and expeditions. But, summer vibes are just the opposite for much of our faculty, who have three months off to refresh, recharge, and adventure. So we caught up with a few in between move-ins and orientation meetings to ask them how they spent their precious summer months:

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