Chewonki ABCs from 1934

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In our early days, Chewonki campers could earn writing “credits” by submitting content to founder Clarence Allen’s monthly family bulletin, called the Chronicle. Campers reported on camp adventures and wrote jokes, poems, and short pieces of fiction (most of which borrowed plot elements from the era’s action/adventure films). 

Allen included Chewonki ABCs in the August 19, 1934, Chronicle edition. It is unattributed, and likely written by a camper.

Baked Oatmeal

A stands for Arching, and we wish to say

That it’s really great sport taught by Bill May.

B’s for the berries on Blueberry Hill

When they’re made into pie, your stomach they’ll fill.

C’s for the Club, that bunch of tough guys

Who go to bed early when they try to be wise.

D stands for dogs – I mean Frank and Butch.

They both run around and we like them very much.

E is for Eight, the Club boys’ prize tent;

They all go to sleep when to bed they are sent.

F stands for Friday, the day we have fish;

We always enjoy so delicious a dish.

G’s for the Grads – that hard-working crew,

When summer ends they’ll go back to school.

H stands for Hilltop – the council’s retreat,

Where they gather at night to sit and to eat.

I means Infirmary – it’s run by Mrs. Soule.

It’s where the boys go who get sore throats and colds.

J is for Jungle, the wild animals’ lair.

It’s safe to go in, ‘cause it’s run by Frank Sayre.

K’s for Katahdin, that mountain they climb;

It’s like Blueberry Hill, but steeper at times.

L’s for the Lost Trail, which has been found;

It’s easy to see when you’ve been around.

M’s the Museum, the home of the snakes

It’s the place where Roger Peterson hibernates.

N’s for the noise we hear during meals-

Rattles and squawks and yelling and squeals.

O’s for the Orchard House, where the Woodchucks live –

Those boys are so small that they’d fall through a sieve.

P’s for the Pine Tree, that beautiful spot – 

Where we listen on Sunday to Mr. Allen’s Tree Talk.

Q is for quiet – we like it at night

So that all good campers can really sleep tight.

R’s the Regardless, Mr. Allen’s new yawl –

That wouldn’t tip over, even in a squall.

S stands for Scolfield, the Regardless’ captain

Who hates to hear the boys ‘round him squackin’.

T is for Tammany – it’s run by Boss Prout,

If you try to get funny, you soon get kicked out.

U certainly are a very thorough reader

If you’ve read this far without getting a fever.

V is the vegetables we get at lunch;

String beans and peas and fresh corn too munch.

W stands for Walter who cooks all the meat,

And everything else that we like to eat.

X is unknown – there’s no more to say –

Just one more letter out of the way.

Y’s for a yawl – the Regardless is one;

Let’s hop on board and have some fun.

Z stands for Zero, the mark that I’d get 

If these lines were graded by Katherine Barrett.

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