Follow the “Golden Brick” Road

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It recently came to our attention that Chewonki alumni have been searching for a specific recipe. We received this message the other day:

The poster directed us to this comment thread from 2015:

The comment thread contained many memories of Chewonki’s delectable golden bricks, but sadly, no recipe emerged.

Did anyone else on the internet know about Chewonki’s golden bricks? We googled it but only came up with this alumni note published in the 2010 Chewonki Chronicle: 

Interesting….🤔 This calls for an investigation.

We found a folder titled “recipe cards, undated.” And, behold!

The long-lost recipe was amongst a stack of undated recipe cards. Happy brick-making! 

Do you have a Chewonki mystery? Contact Alumni Manager Alexis Grillo at

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