Year: 2022

Outdoor Program Dir. Jen Adams Supplies the Trail Magic

Resupplying our backcountry expeditions is most definitely my favorite summer work task. The process begins when I open the door to Packout, our on-campus trip coordination hub, and I’m hit by the smells of garlic powder, cheddar cheese, plastic bags, white gas, and humans working in the hot sun. Adventure is afoot, and excitement bubbles.

Head of Semester School Lise Goddard on Educating Teens

“Every semester writes its own story.” This is not just a declarative statement, but a piece of oral history and wisdom, something passed on to me when my sons joined Maine Coast Semester 64. A compelling invitation. A unique narrative, an original outcome, a story line that could only be written by these young authors. So much opportunity, space, and agency to shape and weave a narrative.

Glass Animals

*By Megan McOsker, Semester Science Teacher​* When Teal and I dipped a plankton net into Montsweag Brook this November, we weren’t sure what we would find. Teal had chosen to study plankton for their final project in our Natural History and Ecology class but had never done a plankton tow before and I had never sampled the waters off Chewonki Neck in the late autumn.

A Blossoming Naturalist Flowers

*By Greg Shute, Director of North Woods and Coastal Properties​* Observing the natural world has always been at the heart of the Chewonki experience, and I find great satisfaction in passing this vital skill to the next generation at Chewonki’s Debsconeag Lake Wilderness Camp, where I am based each summer. So, it was truly exciting when Lulu, a young adventurer visiting with her family this August, flipped the script by making a completely unexpected aquatic observation that surprised even this Debsconeag old-timer.

The Campfire that Captured my Heart

Katie Goodman, M.Ed., Camp Chewonki Director, writes, “first, I’ll state the obvious. I’m a camp person. I loved my childhood sleepaway camp so much that I decided to make camp my career. Now, I’ll tell you a secret. Camp people like me don’t always find a workplace that captures their heart as their childhood camp did. We care about our camps and the people involved. We love our careers. But it’s exceedingly rare to find that special feeling of “I’m home” a second time.”

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