Greetings from the Camp Director

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Hello Camp Chewonki Families,

I’m Katie Goodman, the new Camp Director for Camp Chewonki! I am thrilled to be joining the Camp Chewonki Community. In this new role, I’ll be overseeing the residential programs for all campers, ages 8-15.

I grew up going to sleepaway camp in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and since my first summer as a nine-year-old, I have loved every aspect of camp. In fact, I was originally signed up to be a one-session camper and the very first thing I said to my parents when they came to pick me up was, “Can I stay?” I vividly remember standing outside the dining hall in my favorite blue Mickey Mouse sweatshirt with my parents (who were also there to visit my older sister, a full summer camper) and the camp director so worried they would say I had to go home as planned and shrieking with delight when my camp director said I could stay. 

I didn’t know at the time, but it was the beginning of one of the most significant relationships of my life, my relationship to camp. Every element of that camp I grew to love over my eleven summers there as both a camper and staff are the same elements I have loved about every camp I have worked at since then. Community, ritual, physical place and connection to nature, deep personal connection, safety that fosters courage and growth, opportunities to try new things, and the consistency to enjoy all of this summer after summer. That moment was also the beginning of a lifelong connection to the camp director. She went on to be the person who coached me through my first painful disagreements with my friends, who taught me about healthy boundaries, who encouraged me to go for challenges that scared me and ultimately pushed me to grow into the person I am now. 

I am honored and delighted that I may get to be as meaningful a part of your Camp Chewonki experience as she was for my camp experience. I have seen many times the profound impact that camp can have on a young person, whether camper or staff, and I am so grateful to continue this journey with Camp Chewonki. And I am beyond excited for the beginning of this beautiful relationship with you, this place, and this community. 


Katie Goodman
Camp Director
Pronouns: She, Her, Hers

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