Unplug, Unwind, and Discover 5 Reasons We Love Camp Chewonki

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With summer just around the corner, we’re excited to open the 109th year of Camp Chewonki! Every summer is filled with a thousand adventures and stories, from the tops of mountains and along the shorelines, in the cabins and around the campfires, but lately we’ve been thinking about the behind-the-scenes work, the real reasons we love to get kids outside and engaged in the natural world. Here’s the five big reasons we think a summer at camp really matters:

  1. Embracing Nature and Developing a Love for the Outdoors:

    Chewonki is lucky to be located on a stunning 400-acre campus on the coast of Maine, surrounded by lush forests, meadows, and pristine waterways. Our focus on nature-based education and outdoor exploration allows children to immerse themselves in the wonders of the natural world, fostering a deep love and respect for the environment.


  2. Building Lifelong Friendships:

    We believe that making friends and building a sense of community is crucial for a child’s development. At camp, we create an inclusive and warm environment where children can forge lasting friendships and join a life-long commuity of care and connections, strengthening their social skills and self-confidence.


  3. Personal Growth and Skill Development:

    Our carefully designed programs offer a wide array of activities tailored to suit various interests and skill levels, from kayaking and canoeing, to farm chores and community building, to arts and crafts. Campers have the opportunity to discover new passions, develop existing skills, and challenge themselves in a safe and supportive atmosphere.


  4. Empowering Children to be Independent:

    We encourage campers to take responsibility for their own actions and decisions, helping them develop a sense of independence and self-reliance. Our camp program is designed with careful progressions of responsibility and freedom, encouraging them each step of the way.


  5. A Break from Technology:

    In today’s digital age, Camp Chewonki offers a much-needed respite from screens and devices. By disconnecting from technology, children can reconnect with nature, engage with their peers, and develop a healthier balance between their online and offline lives.

We’re counting down the days until camp opens and we can’t wait to welcome back old friends and make new ones. We hope to see you on Chewonki Neck!

-The Camp Chewonki Team

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