Week 2 Highlights from Camp Chewonki

Week 2 Highlights from Camp Chewonki

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Summer keeps rolling along! Here’s what some of our summer leaders told us were highlights of their week:

“What was the highlight of this week?”

Jen Adams, Wilderness Trips Coordinator: “I was part of a covert mission to deliver ice cream by canoe to the Puffins [Chewonki’s youngest campers] camping on Pinky Point. We took a couple of flavors, and I didn’t expect the Puffins to love chocolate-churro—that was aimed more at counselors. But the boys took right to it!”

Garth Altenburg, Director, Camp Chewonki for Boys: “Sunday Service out at the Point. It was the first of the summer. Veteran campers and counselors spoke about why this time is meaningful to them. It was wonderful to hear their reflections. It set a nice tone for new campers and for all of us. Also, the Ranch House cabin group acted out Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax, and afterwards we all talked about what conservation means. It was a very thoughtful conversation.”

Henry Heyburn, Assistant Director, Camp Chewonki for Boys: “General Swim the other day. This hot weather means the waterfront is very active. There was a big group swimming and a fleet of our sailboats out in a perfect breeze. It was really just beautiful.”

Nancy Kennedy, VP for Camp Chewonki: (Editor’s note – Nancy was on the road delivering a re-supply trip to a group of young women headed north to Quebec, but she sent back a big “thumbs up” and a great photo of the group from their meet-up spot at Big Eddy.)