Squishing Deeper into our Epic Mud Rove Tradition

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Last month we published an article about our epic Mud Rove tradition, and we were excited to hear from several alumni & friends remembering their mud roves in Montsweag Brook. And a few folks told us there was more to the story.

Tim Ellis at Chewonki in the late 1980s

Today’s mud rove was initially called the Ellisonian Rove after long-time Chewonki educator and president Tim Ellis. The Ellisonian Rove was a fast-paced, full-blown exploration of Chewonki Neck that ended with a jaunt through the mud and a dip in Montsweag Brook. “Think of the mud as an exclamation point at the end of a very long sentence!” says former Chewonki President Don Hudson.

Ellis became Chewonki President in 1966, leading until his retirement in 1991.

Over time, the land-based component of the Ellisonian Rove was lost and the tradition transformed into our modern Mud Rove. We’re unsure when or why the format changed; perhaps we just got stuck? All joking aside, we wanted to make sure to credit the wonderful Tim Ellis and his Ellisonian Rove as the inspiration and precursor to our mud rove tradition.

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