Shed Over Heals for our New Packout Buildings!

Shed Over Heals for our New Packout Buildings!

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Even in a pandemic, silver linings are everywhere! Like many organizations, we’ve found ourselves with a little extra time to complete much-needed campus projects, including the addition of two new storage sheds to Packout. Although this improvement might seem modest, the addition of these buildings is an enormous improvement to the flow and function of this important campus resource.

Packout helps to plan and prepare for dozens of wilderness trips and multi-day outdoor programs throughout the year. Canoeing on the Allagash? White water kayaking on Umbagog? Cross country skiing in the Bigelow Mountains? Camping on Chewonki Neck? No matter what the excursion or the length of the trip, Packout makes sure Chewonki staff and participants have everything they need for a safe and successful experience.

According to Tripp Henderson, Packout Coordinator, the new sheds will provide designated space for trip leaders’ packs, as well as their resupplies and program gear, whereas before items had to be stored in the inconvenient packout attic. Additionally the sheds will expand our indoor storage and provide space for more dry lines.

“I am so pumped to have these new sheds!” says Henderson, “They totally change what we’re able to do in packout.” Outdoor classroom educators Alex Chasse, Oliver Hodous and Hannah Marshall have been working hard to paint and sand the buildings so that when Chewonki programs are back in session we’ll be ready and raring to go.