Photos: Willard Morgan’s Send-off Celebration

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On Tuesday, August 23rd, nearly 100 current and former staff members, alums, and friends joined us on campus to celebrate Willard Morgan’s eighteen years at Chewonki and welcome Nancy Kennedy into the role of Acting President. 

Fifty-six years of Chewonki leadership! L-R: Tim Ellis (President 1966-1991), Willard Morgan (President 2010-2022), Nancy Kennedy (Acting President 2022- ), Don Hudson (President 1991-2010).

L-R: Jen Adams, Director of Outdoor Programs; Henry Heyburn, former Assistant Director of Boys Camp; Garth Altenburg, former Director of Boys Camp; Greg Shute, Director of Northwoods and Coastal Properties; Tim Ellis, former President; Scott Andrews, former Maine Coast Semester Head of School; Nancy Kennedy, Acting President; Charles Fear, former Director of Boys Camp; Willard Morgan, outgoing President. 

L-R: Willard Morgan with Roseanne Saalfield, Chewonki Board President, and Nancy Kennedy, Acting President.

L-R: Tim Ellis, former President; Lise Goddard, Maine Coast Semester Head of School; Scott Andrews, former Maine Coast Semester Head of School; Sue West, former Maine Coast Semester faculty; Don Hudson, former President; Willard Morgan, outgoing President.

A photo display showcases Willard Morgan’s many years and roles at Chewonki.

After remarks, guests enjoyed cake from Wild Oats Bakery and Cafe.

Several of Willard’s family members joined us for the celebration.

Nancy Kennedy stepped into her role as Acting President on Wednesday, August 24.

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