Month: May 2021

Intervening Against Hate and for Community

During the month of May, my colleagues and I at Chewonki, facilitated by our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, have been learning together in recognition of both Jewish American Heritage Month and Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. We are alarmed by the rise in harassment targeting these groups, which has been growing since 2016, according to information from Statista and the Anti-Defamation League.  Our mission “challenges people to build thriving, sustainable communities throughout their lives,” and hate has no place in that work on this collective home we share – planet Earth.

Corbin Percy Hacks Games for Accessibility

Our alumni go on to all kinds of careers, and most often, we highlight those working in ecology and the outdoors. So, our ears perked up when we heard that former staff member and Maine Coast Semester at Chewonki alumnus Corbin Percy recently won a PlayStation hack-a-thon that makes video games more accessible to users …

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Remote Semester: Alumna Turns College into Expedition

“The first day, I needed to drive from Walla Walla, Washington to Boise, Idaho, and I also had to complete eighty pages of reading for class the next day,” recalls Semolina Schillberg, (Semester 57, George River Trip ‘17, Camp Staff ‘18-’19). “I ended up making myself stop every hour and read twenty pages.” She spent …

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