Chewonki Bat Boxes Featured on Maine Cabin Masters

Chewonki Bat Boxes Featured on Maine Cabin Masters

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Last August, we welcomed a film crew to Chewonki Neck to film a special segment of Maine Cabin Mastersa popular series on the DIY Network featuring a team that restores classic Maine cabins that have fallen into disrepair.

Chewonki Wildlife Educator Jessica Woodend met with the film crew and series star Ashley Morrill to explain the benefits of providing high-quality bat habitat on residential properties. Together, Jessica and Ashely constructed two classic bat-boxes (seen in several places around the Chewonki campus) to install on a cabin located at the Kennebec Land Trust’s Wakefield Wildlife Sanctuary. The completed episode was aired on the DIY Network on March 11th.

Here’s a film clip, as seen on Maine Cabin Masters:

Because of the location of this particular cabin, the Maine Cabin Masters were particularly interested in pest control methods (aka. bats!) that would respect the ecological requirements of the wildlife sanctuary.

It was great fun to see Jessica share her knowledge and bat-box designs in the Chewonki woodshop, and give our aerobatic mammalian buddies some positive press on the DIY network. Bats are for everyone!

Our special thanks to Maine Cabin Masters, Ashley Morrill and the film crew for a fun day at Chewonki. You can find more information about Maine Cabin Masters on their website.

Want to build your own bat box? 

Here’s some DIY plans to build your own!