Team Chewonki Reaches Higher for Lifeflight of Maine

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If you’ve participated in a Chewonki program, the odds are good that we’ve introduced you to “the backcountry,” that mythic land with the most scenic views, the most remote trails, and the toughest travel conditions.

Along with the glory of the backcountry comes the cold hard reality of facing injury outside the reach of mainstream medical support systems. Rescue, if possible, might be hours or days away.

Enter Lifeflight of Maine. Since 1998, more than 26,000 people have been plucked out of harm’s way, some from the most challenging and remote locations in Maine, by the dedicated helicopter pilots and medical staff of Lifeflight. Some of our staff and friends directly attribute their survival to the emergency medical care provided by Lifeflight. 

In recognition and support of this amazing service, more than a dozen Chewonki friends & alumni have formed a team to join the 2019 Islebourough Crossing Lifeflight swimathon and have already raised more than $11,000 of their $15,000 goal.

Team Chewonki members:

  • Megan Phillips
  • Matt Russ
  • KC Ford
  • Katie Curtis
  • Annelise Pugh
  • Ryan Linehan
  • Stacy Linehan
  • Lorna Fake
  • Alicia Heyburn
  • Henry Heyburn
  • Conor Burke
  • Carrie Curtis

Lifeflight provides a unique and much-needed service for the folks who live in remote areas– and those of us who like to hike, swim, camp and paddle in the remote corners of Maine. Please join us in supporting the Lifeflight Islesboro Crossing, a fundraising effort to ensure that the necessary equipment and personnel are there when we need them most. 

Your gift of $100, $500, $1000 or more will save lives every year.

Make a Donation to Support Megan Phillips and Team Chewonki


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