Edible Classroom

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Elementary School at Chewonki grade 5 and 6 students enjoyed a delicious vegetable soup and homemade biscuits outdoors on Wednesday as part of their Edible Classroom curriculum.

This fall, the students have worked and learned on Chewonki’s Salt Marsh Farm, where the soup ingredients grew, and learned about the history of the vegetables that went into the soup, including where in the world each originated.

All grades, 1 through 8, have been involved in farm chores and various age-appropriate food preparation tasks for weekly lunches.

Elementary school head Kat Cassidy preps the community meal with an industrial-sized immersion blender

Before the meal on Wednesday, each person at the long table outside the Center for Environmental Education said what they had done to get ready. ‘I made biscuits,” said one girl. “I drove Bob [one of Chewonki’s work horses] as he pulled the plow to prepare the land for planting,” said Farm Manager Megan Phillips. “I gathered flowers for the table,” another student piped up.

Several farmers joined the community lunch with the students and their teachers. Everyone was well fed.

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