Making it in Maine | Careers in the Outdoor Industry

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Chewonki is proud member of several associations such as NAIS, TABS, AISNE, ACA, and MSC, but we’re also proud to be a part of the Maine Outdoor Brands association. The MOB (as they are jokingly known) is a great group that pulls together non-profits and business from around the state involved in outdoor recreation, outdoor education, tourism, and supporting services.  

Ponch Membreño, a Chewonki trustee and former trip leader, also volunteers his time as a board member of Maine Outdoor Brands. The group recently released this absolutely beautiful video that shares a glimpse of the opportunities to live and work in Maine’s Outdoor Economy.  

As Ponch says in the video, “…what I realize now, is the communication style that you learn when you’re in a leadership role, leading trips on the water, in the mountains, in whatever weather conditions- that communication style is borne out of helping people get from one place to the other- and that’s leadership. Learning when you’re 18-20 years old, how to be a leader, those people are being prepared, whether they know it or not for making good business decisions later on and leading brands, and that’s really what happened to me.”

Thanks Ponch!

This is also a perfect moment to remind Chewonki alumni and friends that our job listings for summer 2024 are posted! If someone you know is ready step, be a leader, and enjoy an amazing summer in Maine, please send them our way. 

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