Month: February 2022

Chocolate Beet Cake

Food fact: Beets – Last growing season Chewonki farmers harvested 416 lbs of beets. We store the beets in our temperature controlled root cellar where they will keep until the end of February. Beets have the highest sugar content of any vegetable with 7.96 grams of sugar per 100 grams. This makes them perfect for things …

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An undated photo from our early days, likely the 1930's

Read “A Woodchuck’s Dream” From 1928

Read the delightful story, “A Woodchuck’s Dream,” an unattributed short story published in one of the earliest Chewonki Chronicles, circa 1928. In the story, a Woodchuck group (the moniker for our youngest campers at the time) is enchanted away from their cabin in the middle of the night by a stupendous discovery. But, their wonder quickly turns to terror as they confront a monstrous foe in the woods.

Seasonal & Summer Jobs at Chewonki

We’re deep into the hiring cycle for Summer ’22 at Camp Chewonki and Outdoor Classroom and we want you! Calling all outdoor and camp enthusiasts to join our fun, inclusive team. Apply now for one of these open positions and make your summer extraordinary! Don’t Miss the Early Sign-On Incentive! Apply to join the Chewonki team now, and you could be eligible for up to $500 extra as an early sign-on incentive! Outdoor Educators Cabin Leaders, Trip Leaders, Summer Support Staff, Cooks, Activity Coordinators, Logistics Assistant, Health Center Aids, Team Development Educators, and more!

Meet a Mentor: Jhovaé Irving

Jhovaé Irving is an alumna of Maine Coast Semester 48 and one of our BIPOC Mentorship program volunteers. We created the mentorship program in 2020 to provide additional support for semester students who identify as members of minoritized racial groups by pairing them with neer-peer mentors. Irving says volunteering has been a learning experience for her as well, “I’m in awe of how differently [my mentees] have approached uncomfortable topics. They’ve shown me how to be braver and speak up a little more, even if it’s on a thorny subject.”

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