Late December on the Farm

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With the fall semester over and the elementary students on break, it’s been a particularly quiet time on this farm. In fact, there have been a few days when the total population of people on the Neck is one or two or three, meaning that the quantity of cows on the farm definitely outnumbers the humans around here. Despite the inevitably slower pace and fewer hands with opposable thumbs, the cows still need milking and everyone’s bellowing, squealing, or clucking for food as the snow rolls in and the temperatures plummet. Here are a few photos from the past few days. 

The view outside the milk room, just as evening milking wraps up
The view inside the milk room, just as evening milking wraps up – we’re getting just over two gallons per cow each afternoon these days
With the low light of winter in the afternoon, I’m reminded of a line from “In the Pasture,” a poem by Maine poet Kate Barnes: “It would be impossible to draw these three workhorses/ without a pencil of light/ as they stand broadside to the afternoon sun”
Meet our new wether, Lou McNally (named for the local weatherman) and ram, Ira Grass
Gracie Calf, post-storm     

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