Coreysha Stone & the American Chestnut

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Artwork created by Coreysha Stone, Teaching Assistant and Visual Arts Specialist, for the Elementary School at Chewonki was recently featured in the spring edition of the Journal of the American Chestnut Foundation. The magazine is the flagship publication of the American Chestnut Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to restoring the American Chestnut tree. 

The American Chestnut tree, once estimated to cover more than 25% forests of the East Coast and Appalachian mountains, was decimated by the chestnut blight, a fungal disease, which started around the year 1904. More than 3 billion trees were destroyed in the following decades, radically changing the ecology of the region. The American Chestnut is nearly extinct today, although groups like the American Chestnut Foundation are working to crossbreed and replant blight-resistant strains.

“The American Chestnut tree has become a mini obsession for me over the past 10 years and I am very passionate about sharing the story of this natural resource,” says Stone. “This is exciting and timely news as I am participating in an American Chestnut themed art show during the month of June in Damariscotta.”

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