What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

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Chewonki summers are our busiest season; our staff nearly doubles, and we host hundreds of kids and teens for camp and expeditions. But, summer vibes are just the opposite for much of our faculty, who have three months off to refresh, recharge, and adventure. So we caught up with a few in between move-ins and orientation meetings to ask them how they spent their precious summer months:

"Standing at the edge of the Atlantic, my toes in the golden sands of the Jersey Shore, ready to join my daughters as they played in the waves, was one of my most restorative moments this summer.”
My summer was a “nonstop marathon of fixing up our fixer-upper, finishing my master's degree, and hosting family and friends.” Five sensory details that describe my summer are the powerful smell of oil-based floor varnish; the sound of belly laughs and scraping plates during meals; the texture of our dining room walls changing from chipped wallpaper to cracked plaster to smooth painted perfection; and the feeling of sweet relief of having submitted my final assignment.
"I swam with my family in the Colorado River outside of Arches National Park in Utah on a 107 degree July day!"
"I returned to Bezá Mahafaly Special Reserve in southwest Madagascar this summer to continue my research on lemur ecology and conservation after spending three years away due to the pandemic. The photo shows two female sifakas (Propithecus verreauxi) with their infants born in July."
"I spent a week in the Berkshires, stayed in a really lovely place, visited with old friends, and heard great music at Tanglewood while being toasted with delightful weather the whole time."
"My favorite summer moment was my daughter’s graduation. It was a fun afternoon full of joy and pride for my engineer! Here's Oli (right) with her best friend, Patricia."
“I enjoyed a hike of the 100 Mile Wilderness, the northernmost stretch of the Appalachian Trail. My journey included a wonderful visit to 4th Debsconeag on the way and Big Eddy Campground at the end!”

Lise said the five sensory details that best describe her summer are the smell of pines and moss; the feel of crystal clear air; the reassuring companionship of her dog Suki; an en-livening wandering of the mind; and deep resonance throughout my body and heart– as though I was a tuning fork– as I walked amidst an old, old forest with hemlocks as big as the largest Eastern white pines I’ve ever seen.”

Photos show Lise with her faithful companion, Suki, in our Debsconeag freighter canoe with Mt. Katahdin in the background; and Lise at the end of her 100-mile journey on the Abol Bridge.

My summer highlight was getting married in Muscongus Bay surrounded by the sea, rain, wind, and family. Our honeymoon in Newfoundland was a close second! Here I am standing at the edge of the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland. My five sensory details are sweaty, briney, crunchy, garden-fresh, and windy.
“I loved watching several Great Blue Herons in the morning and seeing a loon up close while I was swimming.”

The five sensory details that capture Jenny’s summer are the taste of salty water; the feeling of crisp, cool, smooth water on her skin; the sound of large tractor trailers on a busy highway; the texture of rough large rocks; and the graceful sight of Great Blue Herons flying overhead. She’s pictured above at sunrise on Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park.

Grace Warder with her Apogee Adventure group in Pfunds, Austria.
“I spent the summer leading a bike-packing trip for high school students in Europe through Apogee Adventures. The group traveled through eight countries in 30 days. It was otherworldly and fantastic! My favorite summer memories are my Atlantic Ocean dips with friends, colleagues, and family members in Maine. The five sensory details that capture my summer are, butter, sunflowers, wind blown, salty, and bike grease.”

Now that we’re refreshed and rejuvinated, we couldn’t be more excited to welcome Maine Coast Semester 69 to campus this Sunday and Elementary and Middle School students on Tuesday. Cheers!

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