Congratulations to our Graduating 8th Graders!

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Lila Drewes

Lila Drewes, Newcastle

Lila Drewes lives in Newcastle, Maine, and is 14 years old. For the past five years, she has attended school at Chewonki. Throughout the time Lila has been at Chewonki, she has loved going on remote trips, having a creative license, as well as learning and exploring the land. Her favorite subjects are social studies and English. Lila has been in many Heartwood Regional Theater plays and has participated in acting classes. She loves acting, and is a true theater kid! Lila also horseback rides and plays the ukulele in her free time. She will be attending Lincoln Academy in Newcastle, Maine, for her freshman year. Lila is very excited to meet new people and participate in new and interesting classes. She hopes to enter the film industry or go into journalism. She doesn’t know what the future holds, but she is excited to find out!

Ella Seymour

Ella Seymour, Dresden

Ella Seymour is 14 years old and lives in Dresden, Maine. She has attended Chewonki Elementary and Middle School for the past three years, and her favorite area of study is math. She loves playing and writing music in her free time, and also reads and paints. She will be going to Lincoln Academy High School and is excited for the new opportunities she will have, such as clubs, sports, and getting to choose classes. Ella is also interested in studying social justice issues and human rights in high school.

Maeve Tholen

Maeve Tholen, Alna

Maeve Tholen lives in Alna, Maine, and is 14 years old. Maeve has loved spending the last six years of her education at Chewonki. Her favorite area of study is literacy because she loves the way writing can show your true voice with only a few powerful words. Maeve plays multiple instruments outside of school and loves learning about music. She also enjoys working with plants in her garden at home. Maeve will be attending Lincoln Academy next year and is very excited to be in a larger school environment with so many new people and classes. She is hoping to pursue a career that involves writing and is eager to hone her writing skills and voice throughout her years in high school.

Laila Brady

Laila Brady, Hallowell

Laila Brady is 14 years old and lives in Hallowell, Maine. She has been going to Chewonki for the past 6 years, where she enjoys remote trips and visiting the sheep at the farm. Her favorite areas of study are math and science. In her free time, Laila plays soccer, violin, and piano. Next year she’ll be attending Hall-Dale High School, where she hopes to join the soccer team and start geometry. In the future, she hopes to work in the STEM industry as a climate scientist or marine biologist.

Harriet McKane

Harriet McKane, Harriet

Harriet McKane is 14 years old and has lived in Wiscasset, Maine, for her entire life. For the past five years, she has attended Chewonki Elementary and Middle School. Her favorite academic subject area is math. This year she has not been able to attend after-school/art club or do cross country running, but in prior years those were some of the things she loved the most about school. Outside of school, Harriet enjoys going to the barn and riding her leased horse, Chase. Next year she will be attending high school in Boothbay, Maine. She is excited to go to a larger school with more options for extra-curricular and classes.

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