Animal Adventures at Chewonki

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Animal Adventures at Chewonki

Chewonki Foundation has announced the start of a new 5-part series of “Animal Adventures,” providing hands-on learning for kids and adults of all ages. The monthly program features live animals, fossils, skeletons and a wide collection of touchable natural history exhibits.

“I’m really excited to be offering some of our wildlife presentations here at Chewonki,” says Emma Balazs, program coordinator for Chewonki’s Traveling Natural History program. “One of my favorite aspects of this job is to see the spark of wonder on someone’s face when they see a Great Horned Owl, touch a Milk Snake or hold Spotted Salamander for the first time. It never gets old!”

The one-hour programs change each month, and are open to the public at the Chewonki campus in Wiscasset Maine.

Animal Adventures Program Schedule:

“This program is a wonderful introduction to science and nature,” says Cullen McGough, director of communications. “Part of our mission at Chewonki is to teach appreciation and stewardship for the natural world – kids have a natural interest in animals, and I can’t think of a better way to engage that passion than to give them the opportunity to see and feel these amazing creatures up close.”

Chewonki Foundation, 2006, Campus, CEE, Center for Environmental Education

The Animal Adventures program is held in Chewonki’s Center for Environmental Education, noted for the full size finback whale skeleton hanging from the ceiling.

Individuals interested in attending one of these programs are asked to reserve tickets online.

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