Chewonki Debuts Rooarring New Exhibit in NYC

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This past weekend, thousands of visitors at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City had the chance to interact with a brand-new Chewonki exhibit exploring the “three bears” (black, brown, and polar) as part of a larger series of Arctic-themed displays.

Chewonki educators Jessica Woodend and Kyle Wonser captivated guests, large and small, with their extensive knowledge of bear facts, while families compared the size of their hands and feet to bear paws. 

“The coolest thing about polar bear day was just the amount of people that we got to talk to. It was exciting to see how many people wanted to know more about bears!” said Jessica.

The centerpiece of the exhibit was three life-sized posters, each depicting a bear standing tall on its hind legs. The sight of these majestic mammals- especially the 12’ polar bear- produced many shrieks of delight and wonder, as children rushed to take pictures and compare their size.

Families took turns closely examining swatches of fur, teeth, and bone, and learned about the amazing adaptations that allow brown, black and polar bears to survive in their unique ecosystems. “These animals can survive in the most extreme habitats,” explains Jessica.

There’s another reason why we love visiting New York City – it gives us the chance to reconnect with alumni we haven’t seen in a while. Dozens of Chewonki friends popped by Polar Bear Day this Sunday to say hello. 

This is the second year that Chewonki has been invited to present at the AMNH’s Milstein Science Series. These events allow children to interact with scientists, discover amazing creatures and celebrate science under the museum’s iconic blue whale. We are lucky to collaborate with this amazing institution, which allows our educational programs to reach a broader and more diverse audience beyond Maine. 

Thanks to the AMNH and everyone who stopped by this Sunday. We are already looking forward to next year! 

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