Welcome Semester 64!

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Welcome Semester 64!

Blue sky, eager faculty, and fresh snow greeted arriving students on Wednesday, January 22, the first day of Maine Coast Semester 64.

Parents and siblings helped unpack students’ belongings from cars while our workhorse Bob, with Farm Manager Megan Phillips at the reins, clopped back and forth between the parking lot and cabins, pulling wagon loads of suitcases, backpacks, bedding, musical instruments, and even a treasured stuffed animal or two. 

In the afternoon, parents met with faculty, students shook off the jitters and started to get to know each other with an outstanding display of snowballing skills on the Quad

The students Semester 64 have arrived from independent and public schools in 14 states and brought many new talents and perspectives to Chewonki Neck. We look forward to hearing their stories. Welcome to all!