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Welcome to our Chewonki@Home resource page. You can find lesson plans, projects, videos, and more to help with nature-based remote learning.

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Join wildlife educator Colleen Moureaux to celebrate Earth Day and learn some tips & tricks for making your home more earth-friendly!

Join assistant farm manager Lisa Beneman to learn about spring planting routines at Chewonki – including spinach and peas!

Join Chewonki wildlife educator Jess Woodend to learn all about the skeletons of the largest animals on our planet: whales!

Join Chewonki wildlife educator Kyle Wonser to talk about amazing animal senses. They see, hear, and feel things we would never notice!

Join Chewonki farm and woodlot manager Megan Phillips to learn about our yearling cows. 

The wonders of nature are all around us… including overhead! Join Kyle Wonser for a fascinating chat about the night sky and the constellations wheeling above us. 

Join Lisa Beneman and Megan Philips for this live demonstration of horse-powered plowing, featuring Bob!

Come visit Sparky the owl in his home at the Chewonki Wildlife Center! See how we design these homes to remind the animals of their wild homes.

Join Chewonki wildlife program coordinator Emma Balazs and a handful of delightfully wiggly friends. 

Join Chewonki farm/educator Lisa Beneman to learn all about winter cultivation of greens in a high tunnel. 

Spring is here and the birds are returning to Maine. Join Chewonki wildlife educator Colleen Moureaux for this DIY birdfeeder class.

Join Chewonki farm and woodlot manager Megan Phillips for information about our spring lambing season.

Feeling hungry? Join Chewonki wildlife educator Jess Woodend and Clover the Woodchuck for lunch and learn about these amazing mammals.

Grab your pencils and join Chewonki wildlife educator Kyle Wonser for a life drawing class with a few of our resident owls!

Join wildlife educator Jessica Woodened to learn all about these amazing flying mammals!

This is a perfect week to begin a home phenology monitoring project.    Phenology is the study of periodic plant and animal life cycle events and how these are influenced by seasonal and interannual variations in climate, as well as habitat factors (such as elevation).   To begin, create a map of your ‘home phenology monitoring

Students can expand their social justice history studies and use their current perspective of ‘sheltering in place’ to relate to the characters in the books and the people during the WWII era with this reading and writing project.   We recommend two historical fiction books that are phenomenal: The War Outside and Girl in the Blue Coat, both by

Join wildlife educator Colleen Moureaux as she prepares a delicious salad for all of our omnivorous reptiles today – including the Box turtles, Blue-Tongued Skink, and Water Dragon

Spring is here! Join assistant farm manager Lisa Beneman for a demonstration on starting seeds.

Feeling crabby? We are too! Join Chewonki Wildlife Educator Kyle Wonser for a peek into the fascinating life found in coastal tide pools.

Why do spotted salamanders have spots? How do they breathe through their skin? Learn the answers to these questions and more with Chewonki Wildlife Educator Jess Wooden!

Let’s find out all about chickens with Farm & Woodlot Manager Megan Phillips!

What has eight legs and loves Kyle Wonser? Let’s find out!

Join Chewonki Farm and Woodlot Manager Megan Phillips for a hands-on milking demonstration!

Do you know what a plumicorn is? Join Chewonki wildlife educator Jess Woodend to learn all about one of the largest owls of Maine – the great horned owl!

Join Chewonki wildlife educator Emma Balazs to learn about one of our favorite scaled friends. 

Watch the birth of our first baby lamb of the season! Join assistant farm manager Lisa Beneman to learn all about the lambing process. 

Have you ever taken a nap underwater? This amazing animal can! Join Chewonki wildlife educator Kyle Wonser to learn about Australian Water Dragons. 

I am so excited to share our next art project with you all. Let’s Get Ready to celebrate EARTH DAY!! (April 22, 2020)  You will be using only recycled/reused/upcycled materials found in your home (and approved by caregivers) to create a specific type of sculpture. Be thinking about saving some of the materials in your

As the seasons change and you settle into your home environment, it’s a fantastic time to take notice of what’s around you and begin to document this change. Through this home phenology project we hope that you will get to know the place where you live even better as you focus on your surroundings. Not

Here’s a great indoor activity, or backyard activity that will stretch your imagination and creativity: What if you were the size of an ant, or a spider, living inside your kitchen or outside the front door of your house? What might your adventures look like if you were that small? How much space would you

To address our unprecedented global and immediate need for access to reading and research materials, as of today, March 24, 2020, the Internet Archive will suspend waitlists for the 1.4 million (and growing) books in our lending library by creating a National Emergency Library to serve the nation’s displaced learners.

Join Chewonki wildlife educator Kyle Wonser to learn about these beautiful birds!

What makes a blue-tongued skink so blue? Join wildlife educator Emma Balazs to learn about these amazing lizards.

Spring lambing season is nearly here! Ewe can get the latest farm news with Megan Phillips.

Our studies may not play out exactly as we had imagined in the coming weeks, but that doesn’t mean we can’t continue place-based learning at home! It’s time to embark on an independent place-based project that will allow you to: take a deep dive into ‘community’ and ‘nature’, which are at the root of place-based

Gather a notebook or pad of paper and pick a spot to observe. Make an entry either writing or sketching, focussing on what you see.  Write about how you are feeling. Try and write about why you are feeling the way you are. Make an entry just focussing on what you hear/touch/smell around you. If

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck? Time to find out with Colleen Moureaux!

Learn all about one of our resident owls with Jessica Wooden.

On the first day of COVID-19-induced home-schooling, one Chewonki alumni family with three children under 10 asked me by telephone, “Can Chewonki help me out with some curriculum?” I was happy to say we were already working on it for our students, but I had to be honest and say that it would take us

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