Welcome Emily Bell-Hoerth, Director of Camp Chewonki for Girls!

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With the start of the summer camp season, we are excited to formally announce Emily Bell-Hoerth in her new role as the Director of Camp Chewonki for Girls.

Emily Bell-Hoerth (left) with a group of swimmers at Chewonki’s 4th Debsconeag Lake campus

Emily had previously worked as the director of the 10-day girls’ program at Debsconeag Lake, and will now be overseeing all girls’ residential and wilderness trip programs at Chewonki. 

Editor’s Note: Stay tuned for a major announcement about the future of Camp Chewonki for Girls later this summer!

“The summer team is extremely excited about Emily’s appointment,” says Nancy Kennedy, vice president for Camp Chewonki. “She will be a great leader of Girls Camp.” Bell-Hoerth recently finished the academic year as a teacher in the Elementary School at Chewonki, where she has taught for the past four years.

“For as long as I can remember,” says Bell-Hoerth, “I have known the deep and powerful transformative growth that is possible at summer camp. The time I have spent outdoors in community has comforted me, challenged me, and shown me what I can be and do. It is precisely these experiences that I am thrilled to have the opportunity to provide to girls and young women who come to Camp Chewonki for Girls.”

Bell-Hoerth is committed to camp being a place “where young women can grow, feel safe, seen, and valued for exactly who they are. They need space to try new things, make mistakes, and deepen their relationship with themselves and others.” She also wants “her” girls to have a wonderful time. 

Emily Bell-Hoerth and Nancy Kennedy Preside Over the Annual Girls Camp Blueberry Bake-Off at 4th Debsconeag Lake

“Time spent in the work of building and caring for the community is balanced by the silly fun that is camp, the songs, splashing at the waterfront, and crazy costumes around the campfire. It will be my responsibility to make space for it all,” says Bell-Hoerth. “I look forward to rolling my sleeves up and, with a song in my heart, do this important and rewarding Chewonki work.”

Bell-Hoerth’s love for teaching in the outdoors stems from growing up in Maine and working as a wilderness trip leader and coordinator for organizations such as Vermont’s Farm and Wilderness camps and the former Darrow Wilderness Trip Camp in Maine. She has also taught as a naturalist and farm educator for the National Audubon Society. She is a certified lifeguard and Wilderness First Responder. 

She earned a B.A. from Earlham College, where she majored in environmental science, focusing on outdoor education. She is an avid runner, skier, and canoe paddler who loves spending time in the woods and the water. Her passion for music and beautiful singing voice have made her a valued member of multiple midcoast Maine singing groups. She lives with her partner, Nicky Sontag, in Wiscasset. 

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