Hellooo Spring!

Hellooo Spring!

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We made it to the Vernal Equinox! Eostra, Easter, Passover – all of these springtime celebrations welcome new beginnings, new life, and renewal (sometimes symbolised by the easter bunny and chocolate eggs). Although both sides of the Pond (England and New England) are mostly covered with snow, we are still hopeful, trusting in all the promise the Equinox brings.

Astronomically, at this point in the year the Earth has tilted to where the sun hits the equator spot-on, providing almost equal periods of day and night to both hemispheres.

Back home in England, the tortoise would be well established in the garden, the rabbits munching on the first grass clippings, and the garden prettied up for relatives visiting for Easter dinner. The cuckoo would be calling, the primroses we picked in the local woods would perfume the sitting room with their sweet fragrance, and a row of chocolate Easter eggs would decorate the lower sill of the bay window.

Merry Spring, and may the warmth and flowers soon bless us!