Upcycle Earth Day Project

Upcycle Earth Day Project

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I am so excited to share our next art project with you all. Let’s Get Ready to celebrate EARTH DAY!! (April 22, 2020) 

You will be using only recycled/reused/upcycled materials found in your home (and approved by caregivers) to create a specific type of sculpture. Be thinking about saving some of the materials in your recycle bin, scrap paper, scrap fabric, unused tools/utensils/fixtures, etc.

Below are some images to inspire you:

Image result for recycled materials sculpture of insects

For more inspiration visit the following site: https://www.thisiscolossal.com/tags/plastic/page/3

This project is meant to really get our creativity flowing, and our brains and hands working. This project is also meant to allow each and everyone one of you to consider how we as artists might be impacted by using only the materials we can find in our home.

As I plan further programming, I am curious about what materials each family has access to. Please contact me directly if you do not have colored crayons, watercolor paints, and brushes, or acrylic paints and brushes.