The Great Blueberry Bake Off!

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Monday marked the annual Blueberry Festival and Bake-Off at the Girls 10-Day camp.

The day began with a group hike up the cliffs boarding Fourth Debsconeag Lake, to find and pick wild blueberries. Hours of picking yielded berries for all, and upon return, campers were grouped randomly, in teams tasked with creating blueberry baked goods. The catch: the goods must be baked over a fire, and with limited ingredients! Baking mix, sugar, eggs, salt, cinnamon, and butter were all provided and their imaginations took them from there!

A team of judges were presented with four fantastic bakes. After examining and tasting each carefully, awards were presented for “Most Creative”, “Best Use of Blueberries”, “Best Presentation”, and “Best Tasting”. With a sense of pride in their hard work, groups celebrated by devouring the remains of their baked goods!

With camp winding down, it was wonderful to spend the day celebrating this beautiful place, and the community we’ve created over the past ten days!

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