A Quick Update from 4th Debsconeag Lake

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After returning from their overnight camping adventure, the Wintergreen yurt, treated themselves to a day of relaxation and fun, which culminated in a fabulous costume dinner! The costume box was flung open and the campers got to work pulling out capes, hats, gowns, and more! After their own outfits were assigned, each staff member was dressed to the nines, with the girls as fashion consultants.

A pasta bar feast was prepared by our incredible cook, Simon, and was followed by homemade apple pie, which Wintergreen hungrily consumed, all the while, covered in boas, sparkles, and lace. As we digested this delicious meal, girls shared songs and laughs around the dining hall. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate all of the challenges they have embraced, and joy they have contributed to camp!

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