Summer Equipment and Logistics Assistant(s)

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Summer Equipment & Logistics Assistants are seasonal positions available during Chewonki’s summer season. Summer Equipment & Logistics Assistants (SELAs) work as members of a team to support participants and staff in Camp Chewonki’s programs.  SELAs work with staff and participants through preparation of food and equipment, transportation to and from the field, facilitating resupplies, and post trip cleanup. SELAs may also be assigned to other tasks as needed to support all of Camp Chewonki’s programs.     

Responsibilities are always varied and exciting for SELAs. A day at work can consist of anything from driving a trip into the North Maine Woods to repairing broken tents and canoes or working alongside other staff and participants as they learn how to prepare for a trip. 


Position Title: Summer Equipment & Logistics Assistant Employment Category: Category HPermanent/Temporary: Seasonal (June 10-14 – August 20, 2021) Reports to: Assistant Director of Outdoor Programs Exempt/Non-exempt: Non-exempt Schedule (hours and weeks): Full time, varied schedule Benefits Eligible: No



Trip Preparation and Cleanup

  • Monitor and restock food and equipment inventories while maintaining safe food handling standards
  • Assist and instruct trip leading staff as they prepare for their trips 
  • Prepare food and equipment for cabin overnights
  • Pack and organize food and equipment resupplies
  • Perform routine equipment maintenance and repair
  • Assist and instruct trip leading staff and participants during post-trip cleanup


  • Safely operate 15 passenger vans often towing canoe trailers, in a variety of conditions ranging from interstate highways to dirt roads
  • Periodically serve as the “on-call” staff member, ready to respond to any needs that may arise  


  • Participate in the Chewonki community norms and responsibilities
  • May be required to perform other duties as requested


  • Current certification in a minimum of CPR & Basic First Aid
  • At least 21 years old to drive participants as required by Chewonki’s insurance carrier
  • Pass Criminal Background Check


  • Experience with safe food handling and/or ServSafe training
  • Experience with backpacking, canoeing, sea kayaking, or whitewater kayaking is very valuable
  • Flexible and able to switch tasks easily
  • Able to work independently 


Position Start Date: June 10, 2021 Position End Date: August 17, 2021

This is a non-exempt, seasonal position, with a pay range of $14 – $17/hr based on experience.  

If you have the skills and temperament required to take on this responsibility, we’d love to speak with you, answer your questions, and help you learn more about a summer at Chewonki.  Please follow the below link to apply for a Summer Equipment and Logistics position at Camp Chewonki.


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Seasonal Positions

Please complete an online application for this equipment and logistics position.

Returning staff, please log into your CampInTouch account to complete an application for this equipment and logistics position.