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Wiscasset, Maine
Posted 2 months ago

Camp Chewonki is a nature-based overnight camp and expedition-based youth leadership program for boys, girls, and non-binary children. Overnight campers are aged 8-15 and spend 10 days or 3 weeks at camp. The overnight camp program focuses on building cabin community, building skills and knowledge in a core curriculum, and learning about backcountry travel on multi-day remote cabin trips. Participants in our Leadership Expeditions are aged 14-18 and spend 3 weeks or 5 weeks learning leadership skills, remote travel, and a robust sense of self. 

The Camp Photographer is responsible for capturing all of the various aspects of a Camp Chewonki experience. This position requires a self-motivated, energetic individual with proven photography skills, excellent time management skills, and a willingness to work with a team. The Camp Photographer reports to the Camp Directors and works in collaboration with the Director of Marketing & Communication. This person will create and maintain a rich and complete photo library of the camp experience that provides parents with visual updates of their child’s summer, promotional material for marketing and recruiting purposes, archival records of past Chewonki summers, and tools for evaluating curriculum and infrastructure. The Camp Photographer is expected to live on campus for the duration of the camp season, participate fully in the camp community, and should have a passion for working with kids.

Position Title: Camp Photographer
Employment Category: Category H/Seasonal
Permanent/Temporary:  Seasonal
Reports to: Camp Director
Exempt/Non-exempt:  Exempt
Benefits Eligible: No


  • Uphold the Chewonki Foundation’s mission and values
    • Learn and uphold Chewonki Protocols as stated in Camp Chewonki Staff Handbook
    • Learn and uphold Field Protocols as set forth by Chewonki
  • Hold responsibility for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of participants; this includes:
    • Develop healthy and appropriate relationships with participants
    • Manage risk and maintaining the safety of participants
    • Provide direct supervision of participants as assigned
  • Complete daily photography assignments around camp and on occasional day trips off-site (~4-6 hours per day).
  • Capture photo assignments including:
    • Opening and closing day photos,
    • Cabin and trip group photos,
    • All-staff photos,
    • All-camp photos,
    • At least 2 photos of each camper,
    • Activity photos,
    • Candid photos including mealtime and cabin life,
    • Special event photos,
    • Trip photos,
    • Miscellaneous campus beauty shots.
  • Manage a camper/session/program list to capture photos of each camper
  • Attend daily check-in with the Director of Marketing and Communications (Monday-Friday)
  • Edit photo sets and upload curated photos sets to Chewonki storage sites.
  • Ad-hoc support to other camp activities as needed after primary photography assignments are done for the day (assigned by the program director).
  • Rotating assignments to help with support staff duties (i.e. – table setting in the dining hall). 
  • Practice professional presentation and communication with participants and their families, co-workers, and the public
  • Complete all necessary paperwork, i.e. incident reports, camper reports, trip reports
  • Instill joy and enthusiasm into the daily life of camp 

DESIRED SKILLS: The blend of these skills helps to determine the positions you are best suited for.

  • Risk Management:
    • Subject and photographer safety – Are the subjects of my photo being safe? Am I, as the person behind the camera, set up to be safe as I’m taking my photos? (i.e. – photographing watercraft and someone is not wearing a PFD)
    • Equipment safety – Use of equipment for its intended purpose and practicing appropriate cleaning, repair, and storage.
    • Digital safety – Protect participant privacy and confidentiality by storing and publishing photos using apps approved by Director of Marketing and Communications
    • Participant safety – Be aware of participants photo release status, listen to verbal and non-verbal behavior that may indicate a participant is not comfortable being photographed
    • Representation responsibility – Consider the unintended or indirect messages photos might be sending. Are the subjects represented in an inclusive manner?
  • Interpersonal: 
    • Collaboration – Work with other staff and participants to identify and capture photo opportunities
    • Communication – Asking for support, directing photo subjects, noticing non-verbal cues from subjects
    • Building rapport – Getting to know fellow staff and participants, building relationships and participating in camp to ensure photo subjects are comfortable with photographer and being photographed feels more authentic.
    • Feedback – give, receive, and integrate feedback in the course of work to improve performance and participant experience
  • Technical: 
    • Lighting – Using weather forecasts and observations to ensure appropriately lighted images – consider setting, angle, timing, etc.
    • Composition – Understand what makes an effective picture – landscape, portrait, action shot, candid, etc.
    • Editing and publishing – Familiarity and competence with Google Suite and Photoshop
  • Educational and Leadership: 
    • Inclusive – Consider how your approach to capturing camp life puts campers at ease and communicates that their experience is important and their presence is valued
    • Inform and educate – Whenever possible, make sure subjects know they might be photographed. Take time when necessary or appropriate to help subjects understand why you want to take their picture and what it will be used for.
    • Role model and facilitate – Observation is a key component of the job. Use this angle to support participants and staff. Role is highly visible, make sure behavior and requests of subjects demonstrate good judgment and promote safety, inclusivity, and fun.


  • 2+ years of experience with outdoor/adventure photography
  • Experienced with Google Suite (Drive, Photos, Docs, Sheets)
  • Experienced with photo editing software (photoshop or similar)
  • Current Wilderness First Aid Certification (Chewonki will offer course prior to camp season)
  • Valid driver’s license and driving record approved by Chewonki’s Insurance Carrier
  • Must Pass Background Criminal Check


  • Attend Staff Training per Employment Agreement
  • Attend Driver’s Training, as necessary
  • Orientation to Chewonki Photo Repository and Process for Publishing Photo Sets


Position Start Date: June 12, 2021
Position End Date: August 17, 2021

Starting Salary: $3875, increases based on prior experience

  • Incentives: $200 Lifeguard Certification, $200 Wilderness First Responder Certification

If you have the skills and temperament required to take on this responsibility, we’d love to speak with you, answer your questions, and help you learn more about a summer at Chewonki.  Please follow the below link to apply for a camp photographer position at Camp Chewonki.

Job Features

Job CategoryCamp Chewonki, Seasonal Positions

Please complete an online application for this camp photographer position.

Returning staff, please log into your CampInTouch account to complete an application for this camp photographer position.