Age Group Coordinator

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Camp Chewonki is a nature-based overnight camp and expedition-based youth leadership program for boys, girls, and non-binary children. Overnight campers are aged 8-15 and spend 10 days or 3 weeks at camp. The overnight camp program focuses on building cabin community, building skills and knowledge in a core curriculum, and learning about backcountry travel on multi-day remote cabin trips. Participants in our Leadership Expeditions are aged 14-18 and spend 3 weeks or 5 weeks learning leadership skills, remote travel, and a robust sense of self. 

The Age Group Coordinator is responsible for supporting campers and cabin staff and facilitating the creation of a campwide community. There are two Age Group Coordinators, one assigned to the Puffin Program and the Owl age group, the other assigned to the Heron and Osprey age groups. Age Group Coordinators strive to personally know as many campers as possible and work as the primary liaison on the Coordinator Team to manage camper needs in their assigned age groups. Age Group Coordinators serve as mentors to Cabin Leaders and other staff members, providing support for nearly all aspects of their jobs. The Age Group Coordinators are expected to support the growth and development of all staff in attaining their personal best as an educator, caretaker, and employee.

Position Title: Age Group Coordinator
Employment Category: Category H/Seasonal
Permanent/Temporary:  Seasonal
Reports to: Camp Director
Exempt/Non-exempt:  Exempt
Benefits Eligible: No



  • Uphold the Chewonki Foundation’s mission and values
    • Learn and uphold Chewonki Protocols as stated in Camp Chewonki Staff Handbook
    • Learn and uphold Wilderness Protocols as set forth by Chewonki
  • Participate in Leader of the Day (LoD) rotation to ensure camp schedule runs smoothly
    • Ring bells, run mealtime procedure, communicate with health center, among other duties
  • Participate in Program On-Duty (POD) rotation to support a safe program
    • Hold on-call phone/radio, record incident reports and notes from the field in daily log, ongoing and end of day review of daily log to coordinate timely and appropriate follow up to staff and participant needs
  • Conduct daily check-ins with cabin leaders and provide support as needed, facilitate weekly age group check-in to solicit and plan support for staff and participant needs and concerns
  • Meet with other Coordinator Team members to discuss and address camp concerns
  • Hold responsibility for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of participants; this includes:
    • Develop healthy and appropriate relationships with participants
    • Assist cabin leaders with daily check-in process for participants needing additional support
    • Manage risk and maintaining the safety of participants
    • Provide direct supervision of participants as assigned
  • Practice professional presentation and communication with participants and their families, co-workers, and the public
  • Be an active member of the Chewonki community; e.g. participate in camp set up and take down
  • Assist Program Director with coordination of staff schedules including cabin coverage and staff events
  • Facilitate staff mentor/mentee group to support staff development
  • Act as liaison to the kitchen staff and facilitate mealtime curriculum in dining hall
  • Provide support for age group specific activities
  • Complete all necessary paperwork, i.e. incident reports, camper reports, trip reports
  • Instill joy and enthusiasm into the daily life of camp 


  • Give campus tours when program director is unavailable

DESIRED SKILLS: The blend of these skills helps to determine the positions you are best suited for.

  • Risk Management: Age Group Coordinators maintain an awareness of the age group they are responsible for through consistent check-ins to monitor for emerging camper issues and ensure appropriate staff coverage, especially during critical transition periods. AGCs have a good understanding of appropriate levels of response to various situations and can help cabin leaders and other staff engage in risk benefit analysis of activities across contexts.
  • Interpersonal: Age Group Coordinators must be approachable, inclusive role models for other staff. AGCs practice clear and concise communication (written and verbal), and are competent in giving, receiving, and integrating feedback.
  • Technical: Age Group Coordinators are organized, proactive, and flexible leaders. AGCs need to balance multiple responsibilities and track various staff and participant needs. AGCs should be comfortable with use of technology for on-call duty, recording daily reports, and tracking staff feedback.

  • Educational and Leadership: Age Group Coordinators will practice positive leadership and reinforcement with participants and staff. AGCs will model a growth mindset and support continuing learning opportunities for staff. AGCs support participants and staff through holistic approach to physical, mental, and emotional needs.


  • Experience working in educational spaces, preferred
  • Current Wilderness First Aid Certification (Chewonki will offer course prior to camp season)
  • Digital literacy (Google Suite, etc.)
  • Current Lifeguard Certification, preferred
  • Valid driver’s license and driving record approved by Chewonki’s Insurance Carrier
  • Must Pass Background Criminal Check


  • Attend Staff Training per Employment Agreement
  • Attend Driver’s Training, as necessary


Position Start Date: June 12, 2021
Position End Date: August 17, 2021

Starting Salary: $3875, increases based on prior leadership experience

  • Incentives: $200 Lifeguard Certification, $200 Wilderness First Responder Certification

If you have the skills and temperament required to take on this responsibility, we’d love to speak with you, answer your questions, and help you learn more about a summer at Chewonki.  Please follow the below link to apply for a age group coordinator position at Camp Chewonki.


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Camp Chewonki, Seasonal Positions

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