In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb-cam

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb-cam

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March! A month of dramatic changes at Chewonki! Three back-to-back nor’easters (including today’s wild storm) have dumped fresh snow on the Neck with the promise of more to come:

Three North Carolinians at Maine Coast Semester; Eva Nobel, Evie Horton, and Joey Brown, encounter a classic Maine snow drift outside the Wallace.

March is also the season for sheep-shearing:

Elsbeth and Theresa sport fashionable winter parkas to keep their wool clean, in anticipation of shearing.
Emily Garnett (Semester 9) returns to Chewonki to give a sheep-shearing demonstration for the students of Semester 60.


Assistant Farm Manager Hilary Crowell examines a shorn coat of wool.

Not only does the annual shearing provide wool for the fiber arts center, it helps to prepare the pregnant ewes for birthing season. We look forward to seeing new baby lambs appear sometime in the next several weeks. You can check in on the status of our lambing season by visiting the live Lamb-Cam in the barn!


View the Amazing Chewonki Lamb-Cam!