Waypoint Volunteer Mentors

Chewonki Waypoint needs your help in building our network of caring adults who are interested in becoming Volunteer Mentors! Successful Mentors are those who are connected to the RSU1 or midcoast community in some way and find meaning in working with today’s youth. Recent research on the science of resilience shows that a relationship with a caring adult, greatly improves a child’s ability to navigate adversity. If you think you or someone you know could be that supportive person for a student, see the links below and get started. 

What do Volunteer Mentors Do?

The role of a Volunteer Mentor is integral to Waypoint and is primarily to build relationships with students and attend scheduled Waypoint events. Mentors should live within driving distance of Bath, ME. We rely on our community to help us find strong candidates! 

If you or someone you know might be a strong candidate for volunteering with Waypoint or are simply interested in learning more – please complete our Waypoint Volunteer Application or Volunteer Referral & Interest Form below.

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