Submit Your 2023 Alumni Pin

Submit your 2023 Pin 📌

We’re putting a new twist on the alumni note tradition and hope you’ll participate! Instead of collecting alumni notes this year, we’re collecting “pins” from current and former families to publish on an interactive Google Map. 

The deadline to submit a pin has been extended! So many great pins are rolling in, we’ve decided to accept news until the map is published in April.


📌 What’s a “Pin”?  Pins are similar to notes, the main difference is that pins are tied to a specific locations. And, instead of printing pins out in an alumni magazine like prior years, we’ll put each pin on an interactive Google Map for you to explore online.

📌 What kind of information will you publish with my pin?

  • Your first name and last initial.
  • Years you attended or worked at Chewonki, and your program or role.
  • A short note or update.
  • A geographic location related to your update.
  • Optional: up to five photos
  • Optional: a website or social media handle (must be 18+)

📌 Can you be more specific about the type of notes you’re looking for?
We continue to welcome classic life updates like birth and wedding announcements, personal achievements (such as awards and degrees), and more. And, we invite you to get a creative with your note, too. For example, you might choose you favorite hiking/biking/paddling destination of the last few months, the place where you got engaged this year, the farm where you completed a summer internship, or the forest where you spotted a beautiful bird. Your location can be general (like Asheville, North Carolina), or extremely specific (like the geographic point 44.35215076967678, -68.22514658591035). But remember, we’ll anonymize any private address you submit by including the city and state only. 

📌 Who can submit notes? Current participants and alumni of any program (Camp Chewonki, Maine Coast Semester, Maine Reach, Elementary and Middle School, Outdoor Classroom, Waypoint, etc.), both current and former staff, faculty, and board members.

📌 Still have questions? Contact Alexis Grillo at

📌 Deadline to Submit: March 24, 2023

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